Not a Review of Wake by Robert J. Sawyer

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

It would be a review - and I will write one eventually - but right now I am just trying to kill a few minutes while I wait IMpatiently for hubby to finish his breakfast so that we can get out the door and on our way to Peterborough - we're going to be late already and I do so wish he would hurry the hell up!

Anyway ... to keep myself from rushing him which, I know, would have exactly the opposite effect, I'm staying in here at the computer poised to go as soon as I hear him make any indication that he's ready... so I thought I'd write a quick post about Robert J Sawyer's Wake.

Excellent book - it's just loaded with bits that I can use in my viral contagion essay - seems like every time I flip through it, I find more that I can use and hadn't noticed before.

I really enjoyed the main protagonist, Caitlin's story - but for this essay both that thread plus the epidemic in China plot threads give me tons of scope.

Yay ... the dog's cleaning his dishes - we're on our way as soon as I hear a flush :)


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