Life, Death and Other Trivia By Ruth Dickson

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life, Death and Other Trivia by Ruth Dickson
So…. homework this week (for my Public Texts course) included the task of buying & reading a book from , and writing an email to the author (no direction given as to what the email was to include).

So …I did. Even though I have purchased other books from Lulu, hey…. that doesn’t count cuz this was HOMEWORK. (Any excuse will do Innocent)

I cheated a bit though…. rather than just wade through the way too many books they have listed on Lulu …although I did actually look at some….many of which seemed to be categorized in ….ummm…totally illogical categories…. I chose to put my $$ on a work by an author I already know from .

Not, of course, that I know her - we’ve never met… but she stands out on Gather as someone who writes well and who is extremely witty, funny, and, on occasion, more than a little caustic. Dame Ruth will never be accused of political correctness… but for an extremely intelligent & entertaining view of the world, reading her work is a no-brainer.

I loved Life, Death & Other Trivia - particularly the sections about men & their body parts, and about the author’s view of a better way to choose a president. Oh, and the last chapter about religion and… and… and….

It was most definitely the most fun I’ve had doing homework in….well…. forever!

Dame Ruth also has a blog …which you should visit …but really, you should buy the book .


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