P.K. Page 1913 - 2010

>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

P.K. Page died today.

P.K. was an extremely prolific poet and artist (as Page Irwin); last year (at the age of 92), she published a children's book - The Sky Tree - and also other works, including Coal and Roses, which I have written about on this blog.

I was talking about P.K. just today; my Canadian Literature into Film class meets in the Page Irwin Colloquium Room, which was dedicated last year. The room is an incredible learning space used primarily for Trent University's Public Texts M.A. program, and includes several pieces of her artwork, in chronological order around the room.

I am so sad that I missed out on an opportunity to meet her last year - it was rescheduled a couple of times and ended up being at about the same time as I had booked my flight back from Victoria for - but she did sign a copy of Coal and Roses for me. Now, obviously, I will never have the opportunity to get to know her in person.

R.I.P, P.K. You will be missed.

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