Les Miserables

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

No, it's not Canadian ... but this Canadian loves Les Miserables... and since that is what I am doing today .... listening to Les Mis rather than reading anything, I thought I would post a bit about it.

Have you seen it? I know Stephanie has ... and I have gone to see it every few years ...seems to me it should be about time for Les Mis to hit Toronto again! Not quite sure how long ago it was here last though ... I know Ross & I went, so has to be within the last 8 years.

We like musicals - have been to about one a year since we met, although not this year! Might have to do something about that.

Anyway, there are lots of musicals that I enjoy - but none has ever challenged Les Mis for its spot as number #1. I own the Dream Cast version pictured here - it is excellent. I especially enjoy Act #2 and listen to it about twice as often as I do the first side - typically, I start at the beginning... but then when it's over I don't want it to be over so I start side #2 again. Oh, and I love the encore in this one, too. They have Jean Valjean's from all over the world singing ...including Canadian Michael Burgess...so there... Canadian content after all :)


  • laneerg

    I've had the pleasure of seeing Les Mes twice in a theater. The first time was in San Antonio, and the second time was in Dallas. I *loved* it both times. I also own two different versions of it on dvd. :) It is a beautiful and heartwrenching story.

  • Stephanie B

    I've also seen it twice and love the music, but have to give the musical edge to Jeckyll and Hyde (and, by the way, that's the recording to have - gorgeous!), a Broadway play that started down here in Houston, that I have the glorious music to and, sadly, have never seen.

  • Kelly B

    I LOVE LES MIS! I've seen it about 4 times. One of my friends in High School had to learn the music for choir, so she bought a tape and we played it in my car and I fell in love with the music long before ever seeing the show. I need to get a copy of that...


  • Patricia Rockwell

    I've seen Les Mis several times too. When I was in the Lafayette Symphony Choir we sang a choral arrangement of it! That was really fun!

  • Shakespeare

    My husband and I are both total fans of this musical. It's one of the first we've seen. We did see Jekyll and Hyde, though, and like Miss Saigon (also written by the Les Mis people) we were disappointed.

    Then again, we were first hooked on the spec CD of Jekyll... which had Les Mis's Colm Wilkinson in it... We still have two copies of that CD, which we play quite often.

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