Memories of G20

>> Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Interesting.... CTV news is on and I happened to catch a bit re: what Canadians will remember about the G20 debacle earlier this year....

According to CTV, apparently, all we are (supposed to?) remember is the ridiculous spending on silliness such as the fake lake and glow sticks.

Really? Huh!

I must be doing it wrong.... because when I think of the G20, the amount of money spent is pretty far down on my list.

Me, I'm inclined to remember the things that absolutely disgusted and appalled me:
innocent people abused, imprisoned - beaten, for God's sake, for the crime of being too slow to get up from the ground when the bullies cops ordered him to. How DARE he have an artificial leg? And there was Mr. Nobody - yes, that is his name - and for that, our fine bullies cops laid a beating on him. To serve and protect, my ass!

I also happened to catch entirely too many of Chief Blair's media conferences to ever make the mistake of thinking that man has any credibility at all. I do not understand why he is still there! First he made a big deal of showing all the weapons the bullies cops had confiscated from the protestors... oops... wait a sec there... yeah... no... most of those had absolutely nothing to do with G20 protestors... oops, my bad. Tee hee.

And THEN we have the whole line of BS about how they couldn't POSSIBLY identify any of the bullies cops that were video-taped behaving badly, cuz, you know.... they weren't wearing their right badges and like NO-ONE could POSSIBLY expect a cop to recognize another cop they work with every damn day without a name tag now could they? Oh dear... oopsie again... the TO Star was able to ... yeah...we're co-operating with all investigations... or not. Heard that interview on CBC radio .... I'm sure people in cars all around me were wondering who the crazy woman screeching in fury was.

Anyway....I could go on and on and on about the whole thing.... Canada did not acquit itself at all well, if y'ask me.... and every single Canadian should be concerned about what that means for our right to have opinions and to voice them without the Canadian state responding with brutality, BS and outright lies - but the point of this particular post was CTV's suggestion that it is the cost that Canadian's remember.


And a clear indication, I think, that one must pay attention to the media and think critically about what they are feeding us - or trying to.

Do they think if they tell us often enough that its the fake lake we care about, we'll forget about the rest? Actually, they quite likely do... it has worked before, and it will, no doubt, work again.... *sigh*

We must pay attention!


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