Thinking about Canadian Fictions

>> Monday, October 18, 2010

So ...I haven't been doing much with this blog lately (how's that for understatement!?) but I did have a thought about it the other day.

I haven't been blogging here because I am so swamped with my schoolwork (PhD in Canadian Studies) that I really don't have much time/energy for reading/reviewing Canadian fiction these days.

So ... how to use this blog, then? It's called Flitting through Canadian Fiction ... but I'm not. And then, my ~brilliant~ thought.

I am indeed still flitting through Canadian fiction... well, fictions. The more I learn about Canada, the more fictions I discover... and especially, catch in the news media.

  • Canada respects human rights.
  • Canada is compassionate.
  • Canada cares about the environment.
  • Canadians have access to free health care....
  • Stephen Harper... oh where to start!?

and so on.

So (yes, I know, I am over-using SO; so what? [I'm a little punchy; been marking first year essays for days now]) .... that's where I think this blog is going to head over the next year or so.


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