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>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finished Day 2 of TEMiC - that would stand for Textual Editing & Modernism in Canada. This week is all about theory. A LOT of theory - fortunately, I'm finding it all far more interesting than the theory we read in my Public Texts course - even the articles we actually READ for the Public Texts course (there are several) are more interesting now that we're actually going to have an opportunity to use them in practical, hands on sorts of ways.

While this week is all theory, next week is focused on PRACTICE - and we are actually going to do some editing and put together (short but) critical scholarly edition(s). I will also be doing a paper for the course - I took the credit option (I am such a sucker for punishment sometimes!) .... my plan is to focus on the intersect between editing theory and web usability; to look at issues of site design. There are several very effective online archives - the Rossetti Archive being the one most often mentioned - so I'm not starting from scratch...but hopefully I will come up with something useful. My goal is to come up with a paper that is not only potentially useful, but also, I hope, something publishable.


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